SBCC Scholarships Continued

This page contains scholarship information and short How-To documents for uploading your unofficial academic transcripts and tips for the personal statement/scholarship essay.

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Scholarship Workshop Calendar TBD

  • If you are a continuing SBCC student, or transferring to a 4-year from SBCC, you will need to upload your SBCC unofficial transcript.

    Using the Google Chrome browser (en español)
    Using a Chromebook (en español)

    If you are a high school student, or coming from a different college to SBCC, you will want to follow Step 3 outlined in How-To documents above.

  • The personal statement/scholarship essay is your opportunity to tell the scholarship committee about yourself as a student and as an individual. The personal statement/scholarship essay will be reviewed for every scholarship you qualify.

    Personal Statement/Scholarship Essay Tips

    • You will need to complete a General Application before applying to any scholarship
    • There are three scholarship categories
      • Apply-To
        • You have to apply to these scholarships by clicking on the "Apply To" button
        • These scholarships may have additional questions for you to answer
        • These scholarships may require a Letter of Recommendation
      • Auto-Match
        • Some students may also need to complete a Conditional Application which will contain major/program specific questions
        • Based on the information on your General and Conditional Applications, you are automatically matched with the criteria/qualifications for various scholarship opportunities
        • You are automatically added to the applicant pool as a potential candidate
      • External
        • These scholarships are by nomination from faculty/staff only
        • You will need to contact the department staff/faculty/chair for more information on how you may be nominated